You Are A Manly Angel – possibly the greatest YouTube comment ever

It’s no secret that YouTube comments are a wild and crazy affair, with lots of trolls slinging lots of mud. Every once in a while, though, a special commenter will come along and drop of a sweet nugget of beauty in a world of deepening darkness.

Thank you, YouTube user James Zoris, for making the internet a more wonderful place, and for leaving this comment on my video tutorial for “The Time Has Come” by Hillsong:

you are a manly angel!!!!

Your kindness has not gone unnoticed.

  • John Hohn

    awesome……wierd thing that most people don’t relize is in the bible there are no angels, described as a women. (With that said, angels are niether male nor female).

    • greg rovelo

      interesting concept. what about the angels that desired and mated with the women on earth in genesis? hmm simply speculating.

  • Brian Wahl Band

    John Hohn – for sure! Actually, almost anytime a person in the Bible is confronted by an angel, they are terrified. Pretty interesting how we portray them today.

  • AlastairVance

    @brian_wahl ha ha.