Worthwhile Worship – Get Your Songs Reviewed and Published

I’m part of the 2011 Songwriting Challenge going on over at The Songwriter’s Cafe. One of their partners is Worthwhile Worship.

Worthwhile Worship is pretty simple. You upload your worship song ($30 fee per song), and it gets reviewed by industry professionals. Here is a list of their reviewers. If your song is good enough, it may get published! That’s pretty awesome!

Every month, the fine folks from The Songwriter’s Cafe choose a song from the songwriting challenge and it gets submitted to Worthwhile Worship for free. I feel very honored that my song “Though I Walk Through The Valley” was chosen for March.

I finally got around to uploading the song to Worthwhile Worship, and it’s currently being reviewed.

Anybody have any experience with Worthwhile Worship? How did it go?

  • Mark

    I have found no valid info on the group. I have not even found any successful production for the claims they have in a couple of blogs.as well as their website has been unresposive for months. Sounds like another scam using God’s name to use people.

    • http://brianwahlmusic.com/ Brian Wahl

      Hey Mark,

      They seemed to shut down their services shortly after I wrote this post. I’m not sure I’d call them a scam, given the evidence – maybe they started off without enough resources in place or something.

      Looks like they’re rebooting and relaunching at this time. Hopefully it’ll be a good service to use in the future.

      • Hayley

        I submitted a song to worthwhile worship. I paid money upfront and then they closed the site down. They owe me money and I haven’t heard from them since!! Disappointed!