What guitar would Jesus play?

I love YouTube. I hope that’s obvious in the fact that I have 121 videos up. Actually, my 122nd video is currently uploading.

YouTube comments are great, too. There are lots of haters out there, but I have some great subscribers and viewers that say nice things to me. Here’s a particularly awesome comment I received on my Amazing Grace My Chains Are Gone cover:

If your playing a martin you better be able to sing like jesus, and you have succeeded

to which I responded…

I, too, believe that Jesus would play a Martin.

Thank to YouTube user 661BlackJesus for leaving such a spectacular comment!

  • Ryan Tosh

    I believe Jesus would play the bass, but a cheap one. He would make is sound like a Ric though 🙂

    • http://www.brianwahlmusic.com Brian

      Ric’s are awesome!

  • http://cassidyrobinson.com Cassidy Robinson

    Jesus would play a Taylor, duh! 🙂

    • http://www.brianwahlmusic.com Brian

      Does it sway your opinion when I tell you that Martin’s are built in Nazareth?

      Nazareth, PA… But still…