Tools for Indie Musicians

I’m going to start posting a series of articles titled “Tools for Musicians”.

There are lots of great sites out there specifically for indie musicians like me, but hearing actual user experiences is always a good thing. I don’t claim to be a super successful recording artist, but I feel like things are picking up steam for me, and I’d love to share some strategies and tools that I use to get things done.

Just as a teaser, I’m planning on reviewing and sharing my experiences with (links take you to posts over that topic):

  • CD Baby (sell your music on iTunes and everywhere else)
  • TuneCore (another way to sell music on iTunes and other online retailers)
  • BandCamp (a service that allows you to sell your music on your own terms)
  • Giving Away Music For Free (my thoughts and strategy with giving away free music)
  • NoiseTrade (seriously – read this – you need to be using NoiseTrade)
  • MailChimp
  • YouTube
  • Other websites that list tools for indie musicians

I’m also planning to talk about different strategies for blogging and sharing music.

My hope is to have all of you who are indie musicians to add to the conversation so we can all learn from our shared experiences. Stay tuned!

  • Larry Gibson

    Hey Brian,

    Looking forward your new series . . . Keep up the great work!


    • Brian

      Thanks! Like I mentioned – there are plenty of blogs that cover just this type of thing, but I think another voice as well as personal experience is always valuable.

  • worshipbank

    Yea man, this is cool. It would be nice to learn how to use these tools, such as how to get out music on iTunes, how to do pod casts, etc… looking forward to this series as well. I been to busy with the family to look into all. Thanks for this.

    • Brian

      Awesome – I’m excited to see some interest in this.

  • Mark Snyder

    Hey Brian,

    There is a series ongoing here:

    I have been blogging once a week for Matt Casteel at that site. My focus is a little different – not only tools but also a little more philosophy. I will be sure to link your series from the other site so people can get access to your experience. The ‘music industry’ definitely could use some demystifying! Other tools:

    – ReverbNation (songs, videos, press, etc)
    – WordPress (and RN together to add music player widgets, etc)
    – Facebook music page (driven from RN)

    • Brian

      Thanks again, Mark! I’m planning to write a post that simply links to other websites who are covering similar topics – yours is going on the list.

      I’m especially interested in reading about using ReverbNation. I haven’t used them much simply because I HATE their design – both their website and the widgets they do, haha! Not a good reason to not use something, though, especially when it adds value. I know that it’s a significant tool to be used by the indie musician, though.

      By the way – I’m subscribed to you guys over there now – thanks again for the resource!

  • Matthew Casteel

    Brian cool site. Just caught that I was mentioned by another person who told me about your blog. Love it! I’m definitely going to be hanging out here. : )

    Would love to do a podcast interview with you about what is going on in your life and your approach to songwriting etc.

    Cool stuff.

    • Brian

      Thanks, Matthew! I’ve been checking out your site as well – great stuff over there.

  • Craig Allen

    Check out SoundCloud as a way to sell (via links to another site), give away, or just stream your music.  Lots of control available and it’s free!

    • brianwahl

      Thanks, Craig! I have a SoundCloud account – it’s a slick service for sure! I like BandCamp better for selling stuff, but I have to admit that I’ve not really tried out the sales features of it.