How To Line Up Audio and Video in Final Cut

In this video tutorial, I illustrate the technique I learned from a video i saw from Memory Tree in Toronto I use to line up audio and video clips in Apple Final Cut video editing software. I’ve been asked how I do this several times, and it’s really a lot easier than it might seem.

Let’s say you’ve recorded an acoustic version of a song and you took video during the recording. So, you’ve got a video clip with audio from the mic on the camera you used. Plus you’ve got the audio from your recording interface. You’ll want to use that audio from the recording interface and ditch the audio from the built-in camera microphone. Syncing the video and the audio can be a tedious task! In a nutshell, do this:

  1. Tell Final Cut to show the audio waveforms of the clips.
  2. Line up the waveforms.
  3. You’re done!
  • Edwin Veldhuizen

    Nice tutorial.
    Have you tried Final Cut Pro X already? Because syncing is even more simple in the new FCPX.

    • Brian

      Thanks! I haven’t really played much with Final Cut Pro X. I’ve seen some info about it – looks like they changed things up a lot from the previous versions. I’m running Final Cut Pro 6, so I’m a few generations behind.