Things – Free Music Friday (September 2011)

The very first Free Music Friday release. I have to say, I’m pretty excited about it. You can download for free above, or…

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Chord Charts

Key of C (capo) // Key of D

I wrote this song back in April 2010, and it’s one of my personal favorites of all the songs I’ve written. I released an acoustic version of it last year, but this is a full-production version of the song.

This song will remain free through NoiseTrade until October, when the next free song is released. If you download through NoiseTrade, you’ll get the acoustic version as well.


1st Chorinthians 6:19-20 has a curious line in it. It says, “You were bought with a price”. If I can be purchased, I suppose that means I’m for sale. There is a lot of imagery in the Bible that suggests (or, rather, proclaims) that we belong to God. We have been ransomed, purchased, reconciled, etc. I think if we belong to God, we could also belong to something else. If God has purchased us, that means we can be bought by someone or something else as well.

We live in a world that is trying desperately to buy us out. Through a system of greed and jealousy, we are always desiring, always acquiring, and never, ever satisfied. There is always a bigger house. A nicer car. A higher salary. Better lifestyle. The list goes on and on. If we allow ourselves to be sold to consumerism, we will never, ever be truly happy.

We have been bought with a price. It may seem odd to think about – maybe we never wanted to sell ourselves.  Maybe I don’t want to be owned, but I know I do want to be fulfilled. Complete. And I know that selling myself to whatever thing I want at the moment has never completed me. Only God can do that.


I can be bought
Persuaded and sold
With fancy pictures and marketing you can steal my soul

Greed is my god
Jealousy my lord
There is always bigger, always better, always more

Oh society, you lie to me, you tell me things and I believe
And my heart, it longs and all it wants is something that will make me complete

Look at all my things
And count all my gold
Dig a hole you can’t fill and then ask for more

Sell me your dreams
Sell me your hopes
Just make sure you tell me that it’s nothing at all

You can’t buy me – I’m not for sale – I’m not for sale
You can’t buy me – I’m not for sale – I’m not for sale
You can’t buy me – I’m not for sale – I’m not for sale
You can’t buy me – I’m not for sale – I’m not for sale


Brian Wahl: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Recording/Production
Tori Partin: Harmony Vocals
Dillon Partin: Bass