The Blue Telecaster

Back in 2008 I built a few guitars with my grandfather. He’s a retired carpenter with a great woodworking shop (and woodworking skills). We went with telecasters, as they are fairly easy to build (the bodies), and they are just plain cool.

Here are some spec’s:

  • Body: Alder (we routed this from scratch out of a nice piece of alder that I picked out myself)
  • Neck: Standard rosewood/maple neck from Warmoth. It’s the “boat” contour – nice and chunky. Probably one of the most comfortable necks I’ve ever played. I finished it with tung oil.
  • Neck pickup: Seymour Duncan Vintage Mini Humbucker
  • Bridge pickup: Seymour Duncan Little ’59 Humbucker
  • Wiring: 5 way switch (4-way switch – lets you run both pickups in series)


This thing sounds really big and full. Having two humbuckers in it kind of gives it a telecaster meets Les Paul feel. If you’ve heard any of the music I’ve recorded in the last few years with electric guitar, you’ve heard this thing.


You can see the full rez photos here on Flickr.