Sunday Set List – January 15, 2012

Pre-service song

  • God Is Able – Hillsong [Bb]

During the service

  • I Will Follow – Chris Tomlin [A]
  • Hosanna – Hillsong/Brooke Fraser [D]
  • Though I Walk Through The Valley – Brian Wahl [Bb]
  • Always – Kristian Stanfill [Bb]
Get charts and tutorials for these songs at Worship Tutorials.

We introduced a couple brand new things this Sunday. One a side note – maybe it’s not a great idea to do two brand new things on one Sunday. Going slow is good. Anyway, here they are…

1. I played some electric guitar.

I’m not an electric player, but some songs just need two electric guitars. I play electric on “God is Able” (worked really well), and “I Will Follow” (didn’t work as well). I still need to tweak my tone and setup. I played a Gretsch hollowbody through a Vox AC15, and used a Fulltone OCD for overdrive.

2. We played with a loop

This is a big deal. Not really because of the loop itself, but because of the fact that you have to play to a click to pull this off. We’ve never really played to a click as a band before. You have to use in-ear monitoring (at least your drummer). This is so the band can hear the click but the audience can’t. Then you have to stay with the click :). We didn’t stay with it, so we cut it off half-way through the song. Lesson learned: we need to practice with a click for a while before we do it on Sunday morning.

  • Hank Hanks

    Well, *that* settles it … if the tutor’s band didn’t stay with the click-track, then neither would the tutee’s 😉 I had been considering implementing one to reduce our wow & flutter – we sound like an old cassette tape sometimes.
    Paul Baloche says the best thing one can do for my praise team is to give metronomes to each member and have everyone practice playing with one daily.