Sunday Set-List: May 8, 2011 with audio!

We had a great morning in both services this morning. The band is continuing to get better and better. I’ve got audio for most of the songs today. You can really hear Mike getting down on the piano, and Justin rocks an awesome guitar solo on “On Our Side”. We don’t do too many guitar solos in our songs, but every once in a while its pretty cool!


(chord charts for all these songs are on the Worship Tutorials page)

Though I Walk Through The Valley – one of my originals (pre-service song)

We did this as a pre-service song for Evergreen’s service. I saw a few people singing along to it – very cool! A couple people were following along in their Bibles to the song as well. I wrote it straight from Psalm 23, so I’m assuming they were reading the Psalm. Also very cool! Evergreen is currently doing a sermon series over the Psalms, so I thought it would be appropriate. You can hear the song here.

On Our Side – Chris Tomlin

We don’t play this song very often, but its pretty fun! Justin rocked the solo out on this. We did it in G, and it felt like it might have a bit more energy if we had played it up a step in A.

Enough – Chris Tomlin

We played this song in G, so it was easy to come out of it right from “On Our Side”. Made for an easy transition. I really like this song. You can bring in the scripture where the Apostle Paul was pleading with God to take away an affliction, and God’s response to him was “My grace is sufficient for you”. It’s a hard thing for us to wrestle with, but a wonderful thing to sing about and praise God for.

Blessed Be Your Name – Matt Redman

In rehearsal I think I realized that this song is supposed to be way faster than I always play it, ha! I always slow songs down… We started it out pretty mellow, and then the guitars/drums/bass kick in at “every blessing You pour out…”. I really liked the arrangement. From there we just kept the energy up with it without bringing it back down. We played the song in B, and then went right into the message.

You Never Let Go – Matt Redman

This was the last song of the day after the message. Rai was our drummer for this weekend, but he had to leave during the message of the 2nd service. Luckily, our other drummer, Terry, was in the service. I quietly slipped back to where he was sitting and asked him to play for the last song. He didn’t even know what the song was until I asked him, and he still rocked it! Thanks, Terry!

  • Alastair

    Can’t go wrong with Redman and Tomlin. 😉
    Great set. Never heard ‘On Our Side’ before.

    • Brian

      Thanks! I think I’ve scheduled a lot of Tomlin and Redman lately. I need to branch out!

      Here’s a good version of “On Our Side”:

  • Justin

    No audio for your song? Btw, I think the real highlight of On Our Side was Mike’s rockin’n’rollin’ on those ivories.

    • Brian

      Hey Justin!

      I didn’t have the recorder going during the evergreen service, so I didn’t get my song’s audio. I do have it in last week’s post, though:

      Down at the bottom.

      Mike did do a pretty awesome job on “On Our Side”. So did you. I was happy to get out of the way, ha!

      • Justin

        I was workin’ on that wah-wah pedal a little today. Would have been a good addition to the On Our Side guitar solo, haha.