Sunday Set List: May 22 with Audio

Songs (charts for all these songs can be found in the Worship Tutorials section):

01. Revelation Song – Jennie Lee Riddle

I find this song is pretty difficult to pull off with a male lead vocal. It just doesn’t have quite the energy, but I gave it my best shot! We ended this one on a G, and went straight into…

02. Holy Is The Lord – Chris Tomlin

This one is a favorite – both of the band and the churches. Usually lots of energy in the room when we play this song. This song ends on a G, and we went straight into…

03. I Will Follow – Chris Tomlin

Still pretty new to our congregations, but it already seems to be a favorite. Feels like we played it a bit fast.

04. Everlasting God – Brenton Brown

WOW – I started this one too fast, and then we just got faster. Even listening to the audio feels like you’re just trying to keep up with the tempo.

05. Unfailing Love – Brian Wahl (that’s me!) – after the message

This is the very first time I’ve ever scheduled one of my originals in the worship set. I taught it to the congregation, so there wasn’t a lot of involvement, but I did hear some good feedback after. We played this with just me, Justin on electric, and Jenny on the piano. I like the way the arrangement came out.