Press Kit (physical) – photos and how-to

I’m headed out to Georgia with the band for a mini weekend tour here in a few days, and I thought it would be cool to have some kind of a physical press kit to give to anybody who might be interested in booking us. I wasn’t really sure how to go about making this, but I figured a few key pieces of info would be good:

  1. A CD of some music that represents me/us well.
  2. A bio that says a bit about me. Plus some booking info and info about the CD.
  3. A business card and contact info.

This is what I ended up with:

I ended up buying some blank DVD cases and designed the insert for the cover. Then I printed up a 5×7 inch info card to put inside. (the QR code you see peeking through takes you to the contact/booking page here on the site). The info card contains a basic bio, info about the album, and booking info. Finally, I included the new CD and the CD sleeve, as well as a business card.

I printed stuff up (the insert and cover) on photo quality matte paper, which I think gives it a nice touch. The cover looks more professional, and when you pull out the info card, it has a nice feel to it. I’d stay away from glossy, especially with the materials that you want people to get their fingers on (like the insert card). The matte finish just feels better in your hands.

The only thing that I think could really spice it up would be some nice photos, but I don’t really have photos that I think are ready for prime time. To get around that, I included a photo on the back of the case.

What you do you think? Good product? Would you include some other key piece of info? If you like the way this looks, it’s really easy to put together. I’d be happy to help and answer any questions you might have – just ask in the comments.

  • Dan Knight

    I’m not a huge fan of the big CD box format; But am a fan of your music and attitude toward your skills and gifting as demonstrated thru your tutorials, etc.

    Given the format you have, I think you’ve done a great job, esp. for the a “prototype”. Yes, photos would enhance it, but you’re also right, the wrong photos would do more harm than good. Perhaps you’ll connect with someone who is a professional graphics artist or “branding”, and they can take this to the next level.

    I look forward to either when you are touring beyond the US and into Canada, or when I have more reasons to head on a road trip your way.

    • Brian

      Thanks, Dan! You know, I think I’d probably do one of those eco-friendly digipacks with a pull-out booklet if I could pick any product/format for something like this, but those things aren’t cheap. And I was looking for cheap 🙂

      Thanks again – and I’d love to do some touring outside of the US. Where in Canada do you live? I’ve spent some time in Vancouver, really liked it there.

  • tony

    Hey Brian
    I love the idea. Press kits don’t need to be fancy. Besides I like your “Less is more” approach. Thank for another great idea.