Open Mic Nights Are Fun

Alastair Vance (@alastairvance) and I took part in an open mic night yesterday at Amazing Tone Music in Raleigh. Man, you never know what you’re going to get with an open mic night.

Shot of Alastair:

Shot of me:

Musical style and performance were all over the board, which I think is pretty cool. We heard everything from folk and jazz to rap/rock and metal to country. Even a song about house pets and another about Barney the Purple Dinosaur (the song was titled “Barney is a Purple Dinosaur”). Catch a clip of the Barney song here.

Alastair and I were kind of toward the end. Alastair started off with “Hallelujah” by Jeff Buckley (and quite a nice interpretation of it, I might add). He finished with a traditional Irish song which was really cool. I hadn’t heard it before. As usual, his performance was right on – sounded great. You should check out his music either on his YouTube page or on his blog. Follow Alastair on Twitter here.

I went up after Alastair and started off with “Seasons”, which is an original of mine. I followed with an Irish tune of my own – “Mysterious Ways” by U2. OK, so maybe U2’s songs can’t be considered “Irish”.

It was a lot of fun. Alastair and I are going to try and hit this open mic night on a semi-regular basis, so stay tuned for the next time we’re there and come hang out with us!

Here are some photos I took during the evening for your enjoyment:

Alastair is the worship leader at Story Church in Durham.

  • Alastair

    Great post. You summed it up well. I had planned to post something on it tonight too. Quickly running out of time though!

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  • Matt B

    GREAT POST and the pictures are great! Thanks to both you and Alastair for coming down and sharing your talents!!!

    • Brian

      Thanks, Matt! Feel free to use any of those photos you'd like for the shop.

  • Amy

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