New Album Update

Back in June I released “You Have Rescued Me“, which is an acoustic worship album. As soon as that one was finished, I started working on studio versions of many of the songs.

After 7 or so months, I’m almost finished! I wanted to give you all just a few details. This is all tentative, and my change in the next month, but here we go:

Title and Album Art

I think this one is going to be called “Unfailing Love”, and the cover will look like the photo to the right. It’s pretty simple in design, and actually looks a lot like the cover for “You Have Rescued Me”.

I suppose I’m building a brand. Maybe that’s just me being lazy and using the same design concepts. Oh well – I’m no graphic designer by any means, but I like the way it looks. Your thoughts?

Release Date and Strategy

We’re looking at a mid-march release date. Today is Feb 22, and I’m just about finished with all the mixing and tracking. My goal is to have every song completed by March 1, and then submit to iTunes, etc.

But, since you are a Brian Wahl Music insider, you get special perks. I’m going to release a fee sampler from the album – probably 3 songs – through NoiseTrade on March 1. Along with the Sampler, you’ll have the option of pre-ordering the album through BandCamp. Right now, I think I’m going to charge $8 for the album. It will have 10 tracks.

If you’re not on my mailing list, you need to be – I’ll let you know via email when the sampler can be downloaded. Sign-up is over there –>

What does it sound like?

I’m glad you asked! Here’s a preview:

Note: This is an “almost finished but not quite but still might be finished” version of one of the songs. It may or may not show up just like this on the album 🙂

I’m also cooking up a brand new web design to go along with the new album. So, be on the lookout for the free sampler here in a week or two. And thanks so much for your interest in my music!

  • Carisa Turner

    Cool sound!

  • Brian Wahl Band

    Thanks, Carisa!