Musician Business Cards

Musician Business Cards

A few days ago I got a long rectangular box. That could only mean one thing – 1000 new business cards! Here’s my new card look:

I got these from GotPrint. They are pretty cheap (I guess – I’m no expert in business card prices, ha). I paid around $20 for 1000 cards. About half of that was shipping, too.

As you can see with my design choices – I went for a very clean/minimal front and a portrait view on the back with all the important info.

One note about these cards. I’ve purchased cards from them before in the standard glossy finish. When you go with glossy, it’s really hard to write on them – in case you need to add a note or something. I selected the matte finish with these, and I really like it. It’s smooth and easy to write on in both pen and pencil.

Any of you indie musicians out there have business cards? If so, let’s hear some creative ways you use them in the comments. I’m all ears 🙂

  • Alastair

    Nice cards!

    • Brian

      Thanks Al! If you’d like, I can give you 5 or 20 of them.

  • worshipbank

    very nice bro, do you design on the side. you’re like me – records music, web & Graphic design

    • Brian

      Thanks! Yeah – I mostly just do design for church and my own music stuff. Same goes for the web work, but I’m starting to branch out and build a few sites here and there.

  • Cassidy Robinson

    i’m no expert either, but that sounds like a good deal to me! thanks for the tip on the matte finish too. they look great!

    • Brian

      Thanks, Cassidy! Yeah – when I had some glossy cards I was so frustrated when I tried to write down any info on them.

      Another cool idea for business cards is to put a QR code on them and link to a free mp3 download or website or something. Then people can scan them with a smartphone.

  • GotPrint

    Hi, thank you for mentioning our website in your post! Your cards came out beautifully.

    • Brian

      Wow – thanks for stopping by, GotPrint! I really do love the way the cards came out. We use you guys for our church cards, too, and they are great. I recommend you to everybody who needs business cards.

  • Al

    Really like your card! Would you share your template?