More details on the new album, plus album package deals

My new album “Unfailing Love” released a few weeks ago, and I’m finally geting around to posting a video with a few announcement about it. You can read more about the album (including the 22-page digital booklet) by visiting the album page.

The new packaged deal that I’d like to share is that you can buy both Unfailing Love and You Have Rescued Me for $15 (CD format only).

Purchase Unfailing Love:

BandCamp (click here to buy from BandCamp):

  • Digital downloads: $8 (album) // $1 (individual songs)
  • CD’s: $10 (Unfailing Love) // $15 (Unfailing Love + You Have Rescued Me)

iTunes (click here to buy from iTunes):

  • Album: $9.90 // Songs: $0.99

Amazon (click here to buy from Amazon):

  • Album: $8.99 // Songs: $0.99