Gear: Takamine FD-360sc

This is my beloved Takamine FD-360sc.  I bought this acoustic back in 2001, which makes it a 2000 model, I think.  I was in college at the time, and I saved long and hard for this.  I remember I had a buddy who had a nice Takamine, and I would always go over to his dorm room and play it.

First, here are some photos:

I love this guitar.  If there were a fire in my house, I’d probably run in after it.  You can see this thing in action in most of my vidoes.

Here are a few spec’s:

Top:  Spruce (solid)
Back/Sides:  Rosewood (solid)
Fretboard:  Rosewood
Electronics:  Takamine AD-1 Digital system

And a bit of a review…

Sound: I love the sound – I would describe it as clear, slightly bright, and very balanced. The bass tones and the treble tones mix perfectly, in my opinion. It’s fairly loud – good projection. It is really a joy to play and hear – one of those acoustics that is inspiring to play.

Playability: The neck is on the thinner side. This is a preference thing, but I’m used to it and like it. It is very comfy. The rosewood board on this thing is awesome. Very tight grain and feels nice and smooth – a bit of a soft feel to it, but not slow. I’ve cleaned it with 000 steel wool and oiled it with lemon oil every 9 months to a year – it’s a great neck. I’ve set it up for the style that I play. The action is low – but not really low. I’m a strummer, so I like the action just a tad higher than some. Intonation is perfect.

Build quality. I just gave this guitar a cleaning and fretboard conditioning the other day – and I once again gave it a thorough inspection. I simply cannot find one flaw in it at all – besides the ones I’ve put in it myself. The wood grain is perfect – none of the sanding marks I can see on my Fender Tele. The double binding is flawless. Joints are perfect. No visible glue. It is an example of great craftsmanship. One thing I’ve always loved about it is the weight. I’ve picked up some guitars that just felt like a bag of bricks. This one is nice and light – not too light. It can feel a bit on the “delicate” side, but not too much so. Just enough that you want to treat it with care.

Electronics. Everybody says that Takamine’s are built to be plugged in. This one is no exception (though it sounds better unplugged, in my opinion). It’s got some fancy electronics on it, allowing you to adjust feedback response, reverb, and the usual tone and volume controls. It’s really easy to dial in a really nice sound. The reverb actually is very useful, giving the guitar a nice full-bodied sound plugged in.

Well, there you have it:  My #1 acoustic.  Until I save up enough for a nice Martin or Taylor, that is…

  • Skip Ecke

    These are the most beautiful and best sounding guitars ever! We give special discounts to worship leaders.

    • Brian

      Hey Skip! Thanks for stopping by. I don’t use the Takamine much these days (mostly play my Martin), but I agree – it’s a great guitar! Very cool that you give a discount to worship leaders. We don’t get paid as much as most rock stars, ha!

      • Wesley Batista

        Hi Brian, I want to know what kind of guitar pick you use. I remember you mentioned it on one of your videos but I can’t find which one it was.

  • Dale

    Please send me price and location if you still have the Guitar for sale.

  • Tom

    Still for sale? Or do you know anyone selling a guitar with the DSP AD-1 pick up in it. Or even just the DSP AD-1 preamp?