Gabriel’s Sword

Gabriel’s Sword was originally formed in 1987 by legends of metal

  • Brian “Amadeus” Wahl
  • Heath “Heartbreaker” Epley
  • Curtis “the Destroyer” Dick
  • Reid “Tommy Gun” Gossen.

These four warriors of rock met at a Petra concert (Stryper and Carmen opened), and the Sword was forged.

Gabriel’s Sword brings Bible stories to life with face-melting guitar solos, and will pierce your soul with such tracks as:

  • “Who Touched My Robe?”
  • “Moses is Glowing”
  • “Take it to the Top (One Shot at Glory)”
  • “Poor Woman’s Pennies”
  • “Timothy, My Beloved Son”

Gabriel’s Sword filled stadiums in the late 80’s with their signature brand of hair, spandex, and metal. After a tragic stage prop accident (think flaming sword), The Sword’s popularity started to lose ground. Honestly, most people were afraid to see the shows due to their intense nature. Mysteriously, all four founding members of The Sword disappeared on a misty July morning in 1992. They were on a song-writing retreat in the fjords of Norway and were never seen or heard from again. It is rumored that The Lord was so pleased with their sound and Biblical lyricism that He could no longer stand to be separated from them. Some Norwegian locals claim to have seen four fiery chariots ascend into the heavens as peals of sweet heavy metal were being played by the angel Gabriel himself.

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