From Joomla to WordPress – and back again?

I’m not much of a website development guy, but I get into building websites. I discovered Joomla a long, long time ago. I had just started thinking about creating a website for my music, and I was looking at solutions. Once I wrapped my head around Joomla, I really, really loved it. It is very powerful – you can display content in just about any way imaginable, and there are some very good companies making templates for it, so it can look really good, too.

I ran this site on Joomla for a while, and then I discovered WordPress.  WordPress is blogging software, but it can act as a content management system if you are creative with it. While Joomla is very powerful, it can be a bit difficult to use. WordPress is very elegant in its simplicity, and it is a joy to use – a lot easier for a person to just jump right in and start building a site. So, I jumped platforms, and I’ve been running WordPress for quite a while, now.

I’m getting to the point, though, where the versatility of Joomla is something I keep looking for, and WordPress just can’t do what I want it to, while Joomla can. At least, not with my knowledge of tweaking WordPress “under the hood”. Both systems are built on PHP, so if you are good with code, you can do pretty much anything with either of them. I’m not a code guy.

If I were to compare the two, here is my brief and uneducated synopsis:

WordPress is very elegant and a joy to use. With the right template, it can easily act as a content management system and display your content in very creative ways, but you seem to be locked into the confines of your template if you aren’t good writing PHP and CSS code. If you’re running a blog or a simple site, using WordPress is almost a no-brainer.

Joomla, on the other hand, is very powerful and flexible, allowing you to display your content in almost unlimited ways. If you are looking to build a bit more complex site and showcase different content in different ways inside of your site, Joomla is definitely worth a look.

I’m building a mirror of this site in Joomla right now – I think I might just make the switch. Again. You can view the Joomla site while it’s in development here.