Favorite Worship Songs: Blessed Be Your Name

Favorite Worship Songs: Blessed Be Your Name by Matt Redman

I posted on twitter once that Matt Redman is the Lynrd Skynrd of worship music, and that Blessed Be Your Name = Free Bird, and You Never Let Go = Sweet Home Alabama. Now that’s a strange comparison for sure!

Blessed Be Your Name has been particularly special to me over the years. I’ve always been drawn to it. Maybe it’s because it’s in the key of B, and I can really let loose and belt out the chorus. Maybe it’s because it’s one of the first songs I learned on guitar – I feel like I “grew up” on it. There are a few key characteristics of the song, though, that I’d like to highlight.

1. Content

When you sing this song, you proclaim to God that you are going to praise Him regarless of your own circumstance. Each verse does this.

Blessed be your name // In the land that is plentiful // Where your streams of abundance flow // Blessed be your name

And literally the next phrase states:

Blessed be your name // When I’m found in the desert place // Though I walk through the wilderness // Blessed be your name

The second verse does the same thing. Then in the huge bridge (Matt Redman writes awesome bridges), we sing:

You give and take away // My heart will choose to say // Blessed be your name

Awesome. In my opinion, it is rare for a song to communicate such profound (and realistic) truths about our relationship with God like this one does.

2. Emotion

First of all (and something I love), the kick hits on all four beats during the mellower verses. It builds tension. Secondly, the pitch of the vocals goes up as you approach the chorus – more tension.

When you hit the chorus, it’s kind of like you’ve completed the slow climb to the top of the roller coaster and you’re starting to fly down the track. The energy of this song is really cool.

3. People know this song

You can pull this song out anywhere, and people will sing it without lyric sheets or words on the screen. John Acuff even suggested that you sing it when other Christians try to awkwardly convert you in a Barnes and Noble. He claimed that if they didn’t know some Matt Redman, you’d better walk away. Ha!

Bottom line is that if you do this song on Sunday morning, people are going to sing it out.

Because I love this song so much, I recorded a video of it:

Thank you Matt and Beth Redman for writing such an awesome song for the church to sing God’s praises.