Behind the Music: Thank You

When I was in college, I had some really great times and some not so great times. Like anybody, I had and still have things that I struggle with. Back in college I was fortunate enough to be surrounded with people who really cared about me. People that were not afraid to let me know when I needed to work on certain things in my life, and people who were not afraid to be there for me when I did.

I’ve always had those types of people around me, and I still do. My parents. My friends. My church. My wife, Angela. You have all challenged me to be a better person, and you have stood beside me in the process. It is very important to seek out these kinds of people in life.

I wrote a song back in 2002 called “Thank You”. It is for everybody who has ever been there for me.


In all the dark places that I can’t deny
And all the empty spaces that fill my life
In this life I’m faced with all the mistakes that I’ve made
And all the words I could say are not enough to repay

I just want to thank you
For the life you saved
And I want to tell you
That you made me the man I am today

In tomorrow lies the hope that you gave to me
With the power of our savior you set me free
Through my hardest times you never left my side
And through all my darkest nights you were always by my side


  • Cassidy Robinson

    We have very similar sites. I am doing a “Behind the Music” series on my blog as well! đŸ™‚

    • Brian

      Very cool, Cassidy. I’m off to check out your music right now.