Basics of Recording: A Few Credentials Before We Get Started

Homer says "Eat More Salad"

Nobody wants to hear fitness advice from a fat guy, so I would suspect that nobody wants to hear audio/video advice from a guy who doesn’t know anything about it. I’ll start with a bit of my background in recording.

Home digital recording really hit its stride as an affordable option for hobby musicians when I was in college as a freshman or sophomore. At first, I bought a microphone and a cheap mixer and went straight into the sound card on my computer. That sounded pretty terrible, so I picked up an M-Audio Delta 44 and dove into home recording.

Ten years later I’m still at it. I’m not a professional sound engineer or video technician, but I’ve learned a ton of things along the way, and the music I create sounds way better now than it did back then. I’ve been into making videos for a while now, too.

I can talk all I want, but I figured it would be better to show you rather than tell you.

Here is a video I made recently with Alastair Vance, a good friend and fellow worship leader:

Next is an original song of mine called “I Have A Plan For You”:

This one was a bit more complex. I recorded the song separately in multiple takes, and then recorded the video later and used video editing software to line up the video and audio.

If you’d like to be able to put together audio and video recordings like this, make sure to subscribe, and feel free to introduce yourself and tell us a bit about your music in the comments.