You’re The Only One – New song from Alastair Vance

Our first Awesome Indie Artist!

I’m going to start things off with a song from my good friend and fellow worship leader Alastair Vance. He’s written lots of great songs, and he has a very cool blog going at You can also follow him on twitter and youtube. Alastair and I have also recorded a few worship videos together.

You’re The Only One

You can listen to and download this song for free:

And here’s a video of the same song:

Alastair leads worship at Story Church in Durham, NC.

Want me to feature your music here on my site? Don’t be shy. Send me a message! I really enjoy connecting with other indie artists and worship leaders.

  • Shannon Lewis

    Alastair! Why haven’t you let me hear this before?!?! FANTASTIC, bro!

    • Brian

      Hey Shannon! Thanks for stopping by! I think Alastair just recorded and put this up a day or two ago. I agree – it’s great stuff!

    • Alastair

      Thanks Shannon. I wrote that one over a year ago. I’m just after recording a quick GarageBand version of it for the first time.