Awesome Indie Artists

I’m excited to announce a new blog series here at Brian Wahl Music. I’m calling it Awesome Indie Artists.

Over the last several months and years, I’ve developed some pretty cool real life and internet relationship with other independent artists and worship leaders. There are some really talented people out there writing, recording, and releasing really good music, and I think you might be interested in getting ahold of it.

As I run across these talented individuals, I’ll post about them and highlight their music. You’ll see them below, and hopefully the list will grow and we’ll all be listening to really great indie music.


Alastair Vance

Alastair is a worship leader at Story Church and songwriter from Durham, NC. He’s married to Liz they and have three kids – Nathan, Noah and Katie. Alastair and Liz moved from Ireland to make our home in North Carolina, USA in October 2007.

Visit Alastair’s: website // twitter // youtube

Also, visit Alastair’s music page on his website where you can listen to a lot more of his stuff.

How about you?

If you are an indie artist or worship leader and you’d like me to blog about your music, don’t be shy! Send me a message and let me know all about it. Alternatively, if you’d like to feature my music on your blog, that would be pretty cool!