Are Their Eyes Shining?

I just finished watching this TED talk by Benjamin Zander about passion and music. He made two powerful statements that I believe are directly correlated to worship.

1. Everybody loves classical music, they just don’t know it yet.

Let me rephrase – “Everybody loves worship, they just don’t know it yet.

2. If their eyes are shining, you know you’re doing it.

He then goes on to say this…

“If the eyes are not shining, you get to ask a question. And this is the question: Who am I being that my player’s eyes are not shining?”

What does this have to do with worship?

Two things:

  1. Everybody loves worship. Literally, we were made to worship God. We just don’t all know it yet.
  2. It’s our job as worship leaders to bring people into worship.

I think as worship leaders, we’ve all looked out into a congregation before and seen people who appear to be bored, or at least not into what’s going on. Maybe they’re truly worshipping, but maybe they’ve had a bad day/week/year/life, and they just don’t feel like engaging As Benjamin says, “their eyes aren’t shining”. So, I’m asking the question

Who am I being that their eyes aren’t shining?

Are my eyes shining? Am I worshipping? Are the members of my band or team worshipping?

I believe that to lead, we have to first do.

I’ve embedded the video below -it’s about 20 minutes, and it will inspire you.

  • Rob Still

    This is a great presentation. Duarte design features Zander’s talk in a book called “Resonate”. Thank you Brian for making the connection to worship principles. It is so true – everybody wants to worship, they just don’t know it yet. Good stuff.

    • Brian

      Thanks, Rob!

      You know another thing I think I realized when I watched this guy is that I need to smile more – especially when I’m in front of a group of people or congregation. The joy on his face made me want to love whatever it was he was talking about. It was infectious. But, being genuine about it is the key.