A Very Special Treat For You: Chris Tomlin’s Shoes!

For some reason, they reminded me of the Nike’s that Marty McFly wore in Back To The Future 2. I took this shot at the LIFT Worship Leader Collective in Atlanta a few weeks ago. Chris was sharing some really good stuff, and I really was listening. I hope he didn’t notice me pointing a camera at his feet!

  • Biff tannen

    Were from colorado and we were at the lift conference in February too. It was awesome. We found this because we thought we couldn’t be the only person that thinks chris tomlin looks exactly like Martin McFly. So we googled “chris Tomlin back to the future”. This is heavy. Glad to see we’re not alone. With love (for chris Tomlin and Marty mcfly… And now you),


    • http://www.brianwahlmusic.com Brian


      This comment made me laugh. In fact, this comment is funnier than a screen door on a battleship.