2011 Songwriting Challenge: The Songs I Wrote in January

In January 2011, I decided to take part in a songwriting challenge. The challenge: write three songs per month in 2011.

January is over, and here are the songs I wrote:

Unfailing Love (Psalm 57)

“Unfailing Love” is from Psalm 57. Even though we go through hard times, and even when we think there is no hope, we can trust in God’s unfailing love.


Next is a song called “Redemption”. Based on Romans 5:6-11. My favorite part of the passage is that God, while we were still sinners, provided a way for us to be saved through his Son. He offered us redemption.

I Will Send My Son

This one is called “I Will Send My Son”. It’s a pretty simple song written from the perspective of God. I’ll have to say, it’s a bit intimidating writing from the perspective of God. I tried to tell the story of how God pursues us and is good to us even though we seem to do everything in our power to reject Him.

God Is My Helper

“God is my Helper” is straight from Psalm 54. My favorite part of that Psalm is the line “Come with great power, O God. Defend me with all your might”. Awesome stuff.

That does it for my January of songwriting. And what do you know – I wrote four songs instead of three! Participating in this challenge has been awesome so far.