1000 YouTube Subscribers!

Wow – kind of crazy! I remember putting up my very first video ever (an acoustic version of “Fire Fall Down” by Hillsong United), and I never, ever thought I’d one day have 1000 subscribers.

A big thanks to all of you who have watched my videos and especially to those of you who have subscribed.

Some interesting notes about my videos:

I have 95 videos up currently – and no idea how many minutes of footage there are. I’d say somewhere around 5 hours or so. Almost all of them are music videos of some kind, either original songs, worship songs, or cover songs.

My most popular videos (according to view count):

Slow Dancing in a Burning Room (John Mayer) – acoustic

(about 75,000 views). This one gets a lot of critical comments :(.

I’ll Be There For You (Bon Jovi)

(almost 50,000 views). I had a ton of fun with this one. Probably one of my favorites of all my videos.

Running To Stand Still (U2)

(just over 35,000 views). I’m surprised this is a popular one. It’s not a very well known song, but it does come from The Joshua Tree, arguably the greatest album of all time.

Sweetly Broken (Jeremy Riddle) – acoustic

Almost 35,000 views. This song really blew me away when I first heard it – both musically and lyrically.

Visit my YouTube channel here. And now you know how old I am, thanks to that little YouTube screenshot above.