You Have Rescued Me (2011)

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Released: June 2011

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An acoustic worship album. All songs (excluding “Always”) were written between January and June of 2011 as part of the 2011 Songwriting challenge hosted by The Songwriter’s Cafe The Songwriter’s Cafe and All About Worship.

When writing these songs, I tried to really focus on and reflect scripture in the lyrics. The song “Though I Walk Through The Valley” is almost word-for-word from Psalm 23. “I Have A Plan For You” reflects what God communicated to the nation of Israel in Jeremiah chapter 29. “God Is My Helper” comes from Psalm 54. Writing these songs has been an opportunity to let the Bible sort of soak into my being. I hope listening to them blessed you in the same way.


01. God Is My Helper

02. Though I Walk Through The Valley

03. I Have A Plan For You

04. Always (Kristian Stanfill Cover)

05. Unfailing Love

06. I Will Send My Son

07. Our Dwelling Place

08. Come Find Rest


    thank you, thank you! These songs have inspired and nourished me. I have found them to be just what i needed right now in my life. We all grow weary sometimes and need encourgement, Our Father provides in many ways and you are one of the ways. God bless you.

    • Brian

      Thank you so much! This is very encouraging to me. What an honor that these songs would be used to encourage you, my friend!

  • Sumit

    Hi Brain,

    Thank you for all your songs! They are really heart touching and gift from God!
    May the holy spirit always keep you helping as now!!
    Thanks! God bless!

    • Brian

      Thanks, Sumit! Glad you like the songs., my friend.

  • Andi Wahl

    (I gotta be honest, it’s your name that intrigued me to listen to your music- haha)
    And I really like what I found 🙂 Encouraging music. Keep doing what you’re doing, brother.

    • Brian

      Haha – well I’m glad you stopped by. And even more glad that you liked what you heard. Maybe we’re long lost cousins or something.

  • Moritz Mike Str

    Nooooo. I’ve already ordered the normal version.

  • Brian Wahl Band

    Ha – well you could get a different version too 🙂