Strings EP (2009)

Available for free download

I would describe the Strings EP as “Modern acoustic folk rock, with orchestra strings”. It’s a 5-song EP with four new songs that weren’t released on “13 Miles”. I recorded this myself and played all the instruments. I also wrote all the lyrics and music.

Release date: July 2009

Also available for purchase:

iTunes and Amazon: $4.95 (full EP) // $0.99 (individual tracks)

  • Austin Holler

    Hi Brian. I just discovered your music from your cover of Worlds Apart by Jars of Clay on Youtube. I like your music and would like to support your talents, so rather than just download your songs for free here, I thought I would buy them off iTunes, but I wanted to check to make sure you actually get a portion of that. Let me know…

    • Brian

      Austin, you my friend are awesome – thank you so much! I do get some income from sales through iTunes, but not all my music is available there. It costs indie artists about $50 per album to put music up on iTunes. We get about 60% of sales – so about 60 cents for every $0.99 song download.

      If you’d prefer, I do have a tip jar kind of thing set up here, but it’s not showing up on every page. You can leave a tip through paypal by clicking here. If that link doesn’t work, just let me know.

      Also, I’ve got my latest album up on NoiseTrade, which allows tips as well.

      Either way – feel free to download as much of my music as you’d like for free, and thanks so much for the kind words and support!

  • Austin Holler


    I just got the Strings EP. I think it is great that you play all of it yourself. I have tried that, and my beat deficiency always throws me off 🙂

    I did have a question about what recording setup you use. Do you remember what mic/filters you were using on the Worlds Apart cover? The sound is really good on that cover. Also what software do you use?

    Thanks, and keep up the good work!